Eyeliner Application Made Easy with Tarte


 Eyeliner comes in so many forms: pencil, felt tip pen, dip-in liquid, gel, cake, and you can even create your own using a mixing medium.

However, this is the first time we see a cream liner in a squeezable/tube form. Tarte has created this very unique clay paint liner ‘Tartiest’ and it is inspired by the ease of an artist’s palette. This means that you can pick up the ideal amount of liner from the “flat blending stage”. So ultimately we are using the “stage” of the liner tube as our palette rather than our hand.

For demonsration and review purposes, I had to swatch it on my hand to show you how intense the color is and how beautifully and smoothly it blends! However, the aim of this product is to be able to pick up the product right from the tube and not have to use your hands or a palette for that.


Squeeze, line, and define!

Tartiest is waterproof and has a:

– 12 hour wear

– creamy texture

– smooth application

The great thing about this product is that comes with an eyeliner brush, and this brush is not like the other brushes that come with products that you just toss away as soon as you open the package. This brush is EVERYTHING. First of all, it has an angled handle, which gives you a strong grip on the brush, allowing you to achieve the precision you want. Second of all, the brush tip is ideal for creating the perfect line, and you can manipulate it to adjust the thickness you want to achieve.

Also, if you follow my blog by now you probably know how I love makeup that has skincare properties, and this liner here has vitamin E in it, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and has mineral pigments that soothe the skin

This is la creme de la creme of beauty as reviewed by CBB!

5/5 star rating!

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CBB Team!

Video credit:  California Beauty Blog

Picture credit from Tartecosmetics.com

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