5 places we share with Bacteria


No these are not jellybeans, nor are they the spiked ball toys! That is Bacteria!

Some don’t harm. But others do! Those ones that harm can cause anything from the flu to serious life-threatening infections.

Everyone knows how much bacteria their toothbrush contains. If you don’t well here is another thing for you to ponder upon.

Although we all need to adopt the most hygenic practices in everything we do, here are 5 places to keep checked too, so that those microscopic living things don’t conquer:

1. Pillow case

Bed bugs is just the beginning, and yes they bite. Your hair and your skin naturally produces oil. In addition to the oil residue from hair products and face products, all of this oil will eventually find its way to your pillow case from friction. This results in acne along the hairline and on the side where you lay your face on.

Therefore it is very important to wash our pillow covers regularly (and ofcourse the bedsheets!).

2. Phones, keyboard, tv remote, electronics!

We use our fingers on our phones, we lay it around almost everywhere we go on table tops, counters, and many other places. Also, when we talk on the phone, it comes in contact with our cheeks and the sides of our face, thus the oils and the makeup from our face is transmitted over to it, and then goes the circle of cross-contamination. This is applicable to all electronics too. That time when you grabbed the TV remote which you were eating french fries to turn up the volume, yeah that was not very smart.

Therefore, it is essential to clean our phones and electronics regularly, and even better to store them in their own cases whenever possible so that they don’t get dirty.

3. Makeup brushes

Even if you are the only person using them, they need regular cleaning as bacteria is abundant and will nourish on them if left uncleaned. You would be introducing the bacteria over and over again with each use if you do not properly clean them. Also, make sure you store them in clean and enclosed places.

4. Finger nails

Bacteria loves to hide behind your nails, and because everyone uses their fingers to do almost everything, it is very essential to keep those nails clean. Just by touching an area with dirty hands can introduce so many pathogens to it. Make sure they’re as clean as they look!

5. Your shower loofah

Wet environments are disney land for bacteria. That’s how they grow and thrive! They already contain dead skin that has been scrubbed off, add to that multiplying bacteria, and there is a perfect recipe for infections. To prevent the loofah from contaminating your skin, rinse it extremely well after you use it and make sure to hang it to dry on a hook located outside the wet environment of the shower. You should also avoid using a loofah on your face or genital areas. Also, make sure to replace it often!

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